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10 Best Fishing Destinations in the World

There are a handful of world-class fishing destinations every angler should explore, both domestically and abroad. From US waters to international waters, these spots promise spectacular angling adventures with picturesque natural backdrops.

Cairns, Australia is an idyllic fishing paradise that gives anglers an opportunity to catch bucket list species such as giant black marlin during its peak season of September to December.

1. Umba River, Kola Peninsula, Russia

If salmon is your passion, Umba River offers the ideal setting. Boasting an abundance of fat salmon to enjoy this winter wonderland river has plenty to offer!

Cabo San Lucas can deliver double-digit marlin releases during peak season in this charming Mexican resort town, and even in shoulder seasons the fish bite hard; whether an experienced angler or just starting out, you are sure to catch something big here – not forgetting its idyllic blue river and stunning waterfalls at Las Baulas National Park as an added perk!

2. Watamu

Watamu is an idyllic coastal town that blends Swahili culture with modern amenities. It offers stunning beaches that serve as prime nesting grounds for green, hawksbill and olive ridley turtles – not to mention lively markets with friendly vendors offering souvenirs at reasonable prices!

Kilifi waters near Hemingways Watamu, are well known for big game fishing. There are countless channels and reefs off Kilifi offering abundant schools of black marlin and sail fish packs; additionally, nearby Pemba channel provides sanctuary to billfish of various varieties.

Hemingways Watamu is proud to be one of the pioneers of ethical fishing practices with tag and release methods, encouraging all our guests to adopt this practice when fishing billfish in Kenya. Additionally, Hemingways was the first company in Watamu to introduce whale watching trips between June and September when these magnificent mammals migrate past in large pods.

3. Bissagos Islands

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as emerging from a dense jungle onto a sandy beach with clean waters brimming with fish–something Bissagos Islands provides.

Bissago Archipelago in Africa is home to one of the highest concentrations of biodiverse areas on Earth. From mangrove forests and palm savannahs, to vast sandbanks and mangrove forests – its ecosystems boast incredible variety. Perhaps most remarkable about this untamed archipelago are its people, who adhere to Bissago tradition, which encourages wise management of wild species for both individual survival as well as preservation of its natural wealth.

This remote fishery located within a National Marine Park has become a pilgrimage spot for freshwater anglers seeking the elusive Giant Trevally that thrive in its waters, while at the same time providing access to an extraordinary community of saltwater hippopotamuses, one of which hosts West Africa’s largest concentration of hippopotomus! But that is only half of its story, for this destination also houses one of West Africa’s largest populations of hippopotomus!

4. Guatemala

Guatemala is a stunningly beautiful country brimming with exquisite features and vibrant indigenous cultures, boasting volcanoes, lush tropical forests and Mayan ruins – among many other remarkable offerings – that draw visitors in.

No doubt about it; Central American waters’ Pacific coast is one of the premier billfish destinations worldwide. Thanks to the Equatorial Counter Current and other ocean currents, which together form an ideal billfish highway. Sailfish, yellowfin tuna and dorado fish species can all be found there.

Guatemala offers some excellent sailfish fishing opportunities from October to November; however, many US companies specialize in fly fishing for these magnificent predators throughout the year. Other species like marlin, dorado and roosterfish also regularly appear; creating ideal conditions for an exciting fishing adventure!

5. Alaska

Alaska offers exceptional fresh and saltwater fishing destinations to those aspiring to conquer its legendary salmon or capture an ancient arapaima fish, making Alaska a prime fishing destination.

Alaska fishermen know to head to the Kenai River when looking to create legendary moments – it serves as an important highway for Pacific salmon that annually return to spawn, leaving an unforgettable memory behind in their wake.

POW Island offers towering mountains covered in lush evergreens and an abundance of rivers and lakes, as well as trophy-sized rainbow trout, arctic char, Dolly Varden, and other fish species in its waters; its waters also make for stunning fishing scenes! In addition, try your hand at marlin fishing here to experience its thrilling thrill of landing one of these big game species!

6. Mexico

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico’s crown jewel, offers fishing enthusiasts from all around the globe spectacular waters to fish for dorado (known in Hawaii as Mahi-Mahi) and pelagic billfish species.

Game boats in peak season often release 20 to 30 sailfish daily from game boats, while its beaches attract marlin, tuna, mahi-mahi and wahoo as well as other predators like marlin. Not to be outdone, however, Baja Peninsula also boasts abundant halibut populations.

7. Brazil

From rivers to oceans, Brazil provides an array of fishing opportunities. Amazonian rain forest jungles host exotic game fish which thrive when presented with an artificial fly. Pantanal visitors are drawn by its abundance of fauna and flora – more than 320 bird species, 120 mammals, and over 200 reptile species are living here!

Peacock bass are popular freshwater species in this region while piranhas provide anglers with an adrenaline rush. When it comes to offshore pelagic fishing opportunities, Bahia offers great potential.

No matter where you fish, remember to observe bag and size limits as some species can be extremely sensitive. Also bear in mind that certain areas of the Amazon rainforest are protected and should not be fished for.

8. New Zealand

New Zealand fishing trips offer more than just an exhilarating adventure; they’re also the ultimate experience for nature enthusiasts and fishos alike. The country’s numerous tranquil lakes, bustling rivers and expansive oceans make the fishing paradise.

Lake Taupo near Rotorua is one of the world’s premier trout fishing destinations, boasting abundant rainbow and brown trout populations in its clear waters. Nearby Tongariro River also serves as one of the premier fly fishing rivers worldwide.

Sport fishermen can fish for tuna in New Zealand’s crystal clear waters of the Bay of Islands, while broadbill swordfish can be found deep offshore.

9. Cabo San Lucas

Fishing destinations around the globe provide incredible fishing experiences, each one offering something distinct to anglers. From serene lakes to raging rivers and deep oceans, there is no shortage of captivating fishing locations where you can cast your line and catch some incredible fish.

Cabo San Lucas, known as “the marlin capital of the world,” is renowned as an all-year fishing destination located on Baja California Peninsula’s southern tip. Renowned for its rich variety of fish species and offering anglers the chance to achieve an unprecedented Grand Slam fishing adventure, Cabo offers all year round fishing bliss for anglers looking to experience it first-hand.

Cabo’s bluewater and reefs offer world-class angling opportunities, particularly during January and February when black and Pacific blue marlin appear, along with mahi mahi and wahoo between July and December. Nearshore flats teem with bonefish, permit and barracuda; deep waters surrounding nearby seamounts attract huge cubera snapper and rooster fish.

10. Alta River

Just a short plane ride from Miami, this tourist-friendly country offers everything from serene lakes and rivers to deep ocean waters and beaches – not forgetting world-class fishing opportunities like Black and Striped Marlin as well as other big billfish species that call this place home!

Alta River: an Angler’s Paradise

Alta River in Alaska is legendary among salmon anglers for its large catch, though access is not open to everyone; river rights are reserved exclusively to people who own land in its immediate area; this regulation dates back to 1860 when sports angling was first introduced into this region.

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